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Creditors Guides to Fees

The Creditors' Guides to Fees provide explanations of creditors' rights with regard to insolvency practitioners' fees. They explain how an insolvency practitioner seeks approval of his fees, what information a creditor can expect to receive, and what a creditor can do if he is dissatisfied with the level of a practitioner’s fees.

Statement of Insolvency Practice 9 requires practitioners to provide creditors with information on how find a suitable explanatory note setting out their rights, such as the below. The full text of SIP9 can be found in the Regulation and Guidance area of our website.

R3’s website for unsecured creditors.
VAT on Supervisors' Fees - HMRC-R3 Note

Guides for England & Wales


Administrative Receivership


Compulsory Liquidation

Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation

Liquidation / Creditors' Committees and Commissioners: A Guide for Creditors

Guides for Scotland

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