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IPA Membership Categories
There are six membership categories:

Individual Membership

for those who are working in insolvency practice
Ordinary (MIPA) [click here for criteria]
Fellow (FIPA) [click here for criteria] or who have retired from insolvency practice or insolvency related work
Retired (MIPA or FIPA or AIPA) [click here for criteria]

Honorary Membership

for individuals deemed suitable and appropriate by Council [click here for criteria]

Affiliate Membership (AIPA)

for those who have passed the CPI or are working in insolvency related fields or who have made a significant contribution to the knowledge and practice of insolvency [click here for criteria]

Student Membership

open to anyone, whether looking to enter, or to advance their career in, insolvency practice or related business, financial, accounting or legal fields; or just interested in knowing more about insolvency [click here for criteria]

Member Firms

for partnerships, incorporated bodies or sole proprietorships engaged in insolvency practice [click here for criteria]

Affiliate Firm Membership

for partnerships, incorporated bodies, sole proprietorships, bodies of persons (including barristers’ chambers) and registered charities engaged in insolvency related work [click here for criteria]

Run-off Licence 

Following a review, the IPA will no longer offer this type of licence to new applicants, effective January 2019.

Position for holders of a run-off licence which commenced in January 2017, renewed in January 2018.

All of your cases should be closed or transferred before your licence expires on 31 December 2018 and you should be unaffected by this decision. 

If you expect that you will still have appointments after 31 December 2018 then you will require a full licence to commence on 1 January 2019. You will also need to explain the position in writing to Membership and Authorisation Committee, which may require you to pay the difference between the cost of your run off licence and the cost of a full licence.

Position for holders of a run-off licence which commenced in January 2018.

You may renew your run-off licence for 2019 on the understanding that all of your cases will be closed or transferred before expiry of the licence on 31 December 2019.

All existing run-off licences will continue to be operated on the understanding that no new cases are taken on and are subject to monitoring by the IPA secretariat, with updates on case closures to be submitted at the required intervals.

If you take an appointment of any kind (including a liquidation appointment following an administration) contrary to the terms of the run-off licence, this will trigger an automatic referral to the Membership and Authorisation Committee, which will consider whether any regulatory/disciplinary action is required and may require you to return to a full licence, paying the difference between the cost of your run off licence and the cost of a full licence. 

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