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IPA Membership Benefits
The IPA is the only recognised professional body exclusively concerned with insolvency, looking to set the agenda for the future of the profession and promoting its reputation among its many and diverse stakeholders. It leads in the profession and in the media on current issues such as individual voluntary arrangements and debt management companies; better regulation and the increasing focus on efficiency, value and outcomes for creditors; standards and the need to revisit and modernise statements of insolvency practice; and "whistleblowing".

IPA Membership Provides

...the valuable opportunity to be involved in its work and activities:
  • Take part in regular members’ meetings, conferences and other events to hear about, and exchange views and experiences on, practice and practical issues with other members and with the IPA regulation team and regulatory committee members.
  • Sit on Council or one of the IPA’s committees where members have been, and continue to be, involved in
    • deciding strategy and the IPA’s stance and action on current issues such as consumer overindebtedness and debtor advice and solutions, and the shape and future direction of regulation;
    • setting financial budgets and subscriptions and fees;
    • developing and advising on practice, ethics and standards issues;
    • considering inspection and complaint reports, and the IPA’s response;
    • promoting the IPA through press releases and platform opportunities and networking and other events, and publishing the Insolvency Practitioner Newsletter;
    • setting and marking the IPA’s certificate of proficiency in insolvency examination;
    • looking at how the IPA can extend its reach to others involved in or having an interest in insolvency to achieve a better understanding of the issues which its insolvency practitioners have to manage.

Attendance at members’ meetings and conferences counts as continuing professional education, as does attendance at committee meetings.

The IPA Offers:
  • For individual and affiliate members, the right to us recognised designatory letters - MIPA, FIPA and AIPA
  • For individual, firm and affiliate members, the use of a recognised "brand" - the IPA logo - on your letter heads, on your other communications and on your website.
  • For students (and their employers), entry to the IPA certificate of proficiency in insolvency examination which is now widely recognised in the insolvency profession and in insolvency related fields in its own right; and entry to the joint insolvency examination which is a requirement for obtaining an insolvency practitioner authorisation.
  • For younger members, young professional networking events.
  • For firm members, a link from the IPA's website to your website.
  • For firm members, the entitlement to vote at General Meetings and to nominate, and vote on, three-quarters of the IPA elected Council members and be very much involved in shaping the future direction of the IPA: members from firm members have traditionally been well represented on committees, including the regulatory committees
  • For firm members and affiliate firm members
    • reduced authorisation fee for their IP appointment-taker authorisation holders
    • low authorisation fee for their non-appointment taker authorisation holders
    • reduced membership fee for their students;
    • reduced certificate of proficiency in insolvency examination fee for their students For firm members and affiliate firm members, the opportunity to introduce their younger non-member staff to the IPA’s young professionals networking events
  • For all members, access to widely practised members of the Practice Guidance, Ethics & Standards Committee, to highly experienced senior professional panel members and to knowledgeable staff in the IPA Secretariat
  • For all members, access to comprehensive IPA technical help sheets and schedules of qualitative issues and essential facts when undertaking cases; and the opportunity to join in discussions about them and their practical application
  • For all members, the Insolvency Practitioner newsletter which features articles by members on the work of the IPA committees and by outside contributors on current issues, as well as news on developments in the IPA and the profession generally.
  • For all members, use of a small meeting room at the IPA office in the City at advantageous rates, with access to telephone, fax, e-mail/internet and other office facilities and the provision of refreshments.

The IPA works with the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3), the profession’s trade body, to ensure coverage of members’ training needs.
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