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Guidance Note  



Although it is not essential, the IPA does recommend that all students who wish to sit one of the suite of exams have a minimum of at least two years practical insolvency experience within the industry covering each of the various areas to be examined, and have also attended a structured training course with one of the training organisations.      


Please note that the CPI, CPPI and CPCI exams are all a three hour handwritten examination. The use of a laptop is not permitted.


Requests for special circumstances must be submitted two weeks prior to the exam application deadline and any decision made is at the sole discretion of the IPA and is final.


(CPCI England & Wales only)

7 June 2019 the deadline has now passed. 

ICSA will issue venue details two weeks prior to the exam.


2019 Examination dates

7 June CPI/CPPI/CPCI - results expected 2 August 2019.
29 November CPI - the deadline for applying this exam is 31 October 2019.


Please note you will need to be an IPA student member in order to sit these examinations. 

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