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IPA Annual Lecture
Lecture Speakers:


Lord Justice Jackson Court of Appeal for England and Wales

"Fixed costs - the time has come"

The 2016 IPA Annual Lecture was held on Thursday 28 January 2016 at Sixty One Whitehall in London.  The Speaker on the evening was Lord Justice Jackson from the Court of Appeal for England and Wales.

"The purpose of this lecture is to argue that we should now introuduce an extensive regime of fixed costs for civil litigation as proposed in chapers 15 and 16 of the Review of Civil Litigate Costs Final Report.  In the light of recent developments the time is now ripe to take this substantial step ..."

To download a full copy of this speech please click here.


Keith Morgan British Business Bank 
Andrew Higginson N Brown Group PLC

Eric Leenders of the British Bankers Association.

Stephen Baister, Chief Bankruptcy Registrar and President of the Institute of Credit Management.

Peter Phillips OBE, an Insolvency Practitioner and a relative of two of the IPA's founders.

John Penrose MP (who was the Shadow Business Minister, and the Conservative Party’s spokesman on insolvency) on Better Regulation and cutting red tape.

Stephen Speed, Chief Executive of The Insolvency Service.

Anthony Hilton, the Evening Standard Business and Financial Commentator gave his initial reactions to that day's Budget.

Michael Steiner (formerly of SNR Denton Hall) reviewing the more notable insolvencies on which he had been instructed.

Lord Hoffman, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary on the EC insolvency Regulation and Uncitral Model Law.

Gabriel Moss QC on Insolvency Practitioner Remuneration.

Teresa Graham of the Better Regulation Task Force on Better Regulation.
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