How we work

Council, what it does, its membership and the President

  • Council is responsible for the management of the IPA, including determining policy and strategy and setting business and financial plans and programmes. It also approves the IPA’s Annual Report and Accounts, subscriptions and authorisation fees and applications for membership; and it appoints Committees through which the detailed work of developing and putting forward proposals and implementing its decisions is undertaken, as well as considering membership and authorisation matters and investigating complaints. Council usually meets four times a year.
  • Council consists of 16 members elected by individual members. Council may also co-opt up to 7 further members.
    Council members have to be individual ordinary or fellow members of good standing.
  • Council members are elected at an Annual General Meeting. Each year one-quarter are retired by rotation, but may be re-elected for one further term. Co-opted members serve for a term determined by Council up to four years.
  • The President, Vice-President and Deputy Vice-President are chosen by Council from its elected Council members. The President serves for one year.
  • For details of the current President, Vice-President and Deputy Vice-President and Council members click here

Committees, what they do and their membership

  • Committees are established by Council. Committee chairmen and members are appointed annually by Council: they are not subject to any fixed term of appointment, but usually serve for a period of three-six years. No Council member may sit on any of the four regulatory Committees. Student members are eligible to be appointed to a Committee other than the four regulatory Committees.
  • The current Committees are: Appeal, Constitution, Disciplinary, Examinations, Finance, Investigation, Member Services & Training, Membership & Authorisation, Standards, Ethics & Regulatory Liaison, and Consultation
  • Committees meet from time to time during the year – the Investigation and Membership & Authorisation Committees meet 10 times a year; other committees typically meet on a quartely basis or as and when required.
  • For further details of the Committees click here