IPA Committees & What They Do
Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison
Responsible for:
·       Considering responses to consultations on insolvency statute and best practice.
·       Discussing technical issues and drafting guidance for the membership.
·       Determining the IPAs contribution to the Joint Insolvency Committee.

Regulation and Conduct Committee
Considers any matter Secretariat identifies as requiring Committee attention relating to the fitness of licensed IPs or liability to disciplinary action, as well as also considering applications for authorisation. The Regulation and Conduct Committee are able to convince licence restriction/withdrawal proceedings and invite disciplinary sanctions by consent, including reprimands and fines.
Disciplinary and Appeals Committees
Carry out functions of Disciplinary and Appellate Committees
Appeal Tribunals, hear appeals against findings or orders of a Disciplinary Tribunal and decisions to restrict/withdraw licenses; and may affirm, vary or rescind them.
Disciplinary Tribunals considers complaints referred to it by the Investigation Committee it has the power to exclude members, revoke licenses as well as issuing sanctions.
Finance and Risk
This Committee is responsible for preparing annual budgets and making recommendations to Council on subscriptions and fees; for monitoring in-year spending; and for submitting for approval to Council the IPA’s Annual Accounts. Also responsible for monitoring financial risk relating to IPA activity.
Member Services and External Affairs
Responsible for advising Council on regulations relating to student members; for arrangements in relation to setting, holding and marking the IPA’s Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) and Certificate of proficiency in Personal Insolvency (CPPI) and Certificate of proficiency in Corporate Insolvency (CPCI) Examinations; for liaising with the Joint Insolvency Examination (JIE) and Board in relation to the JIE; and for oversight of provisions for training and development of student and other members.

Standards Ethics & Regulation Liaison Committee
Regulation and Conduct Committee

Disciplinary and Appeals Committee
Finance and Risk 

Member Services and External Affairs