IPA Committees and What They Do

Standards, Ethics and Regulatory Liaison

Responsible for:

  • Considering responses to consultations on insolvency statute and best practice.
  • Discussing technical issues and drafting guidance for the membership.
  • Determining the IPAs contribution to the Joint Insolvency Committee.
Committee Members
Paddy Brazzill, Chair Chris De La Salle  Edward Bible Ken Marland Anna Hughes 
Simon Underwood, Vice Chair      Clare Lindley   Eileen Maclean Mark Siddall  
Beverley Budsworth Colin Bird Hemal Mistry Maurice Moses  
Charles Turner David Rankin     Jackie Westerman     Samantha Warburton   

Regulation and Conduct Committee

Responsible for:

  • Considering any matter Secretariat identifies as requiring Committee attention relating to the fitness of licensed IPs or liability to disciplinary action. 
  • Considering applications for authorisation.
  • Licence restriction/withdrawal proceedings and invite disciplinary sanctions by consent, including reprimands and fines.
Committee Members
John Newgas, Co-Chair (L)    Chris Gray/Martin Tossell (L) Helen Kavanagh (L)     Katy Walker (OM)         Pauline Peel (OM)  
Neil Bennett, Co-Chair (OM) Diane Dunion (OM) Taranjeet Babra (L)          Michael Leeds (OM)     Peter Hart (OM)
Frances Coulson, Vice Chair (L)       John Briggs (L)     John Boulter (OM) Mike Norris (L) Philip King (L)
Brett Barton (OM) Heather Greig-Smith (L) Julian Healey (L) Paul Allen (OM)  


L = Lay Committee Member            OM = Ordinary Committee Member

Regulatory and Conduct rules can be found as follows:

Appeal Rules

Conduct Rules

Disciplinary Rules

Regulatory Rules


Disciplinary and Appeals Committees

Responsible for:
  • Carrying out functions of Disciplinary and Appellate Committees Appeal Tribunals, hear appeals against findings or orders of a Disciplinary Tribunal and decisions to restrict/withdraw licenses; and may affirm, vary or rescind them
  • Disciplinary Tribunals considers complaints referred to it by the Investigation Committee it has the power to exclude members, revoke licenses as well as issuing sanctions
Committee Members:
Richard Long, Co-Chair DC (OM)     Edward Bible (OM) Nick Pike (OM) Dr Stephen Baister (L)  
Richard Mawrey, Co-Chair AC (L)           Gill Wrigley (OM) Nick Wood (OM) Stuart Hopewell (L)
Andrew Favell (L) Helen Smithson (OM)              Philip Long (OM) Charles Turner (OM)
David Pilling (L) John Thirlwell (L) Raquel Agnello QC (L) David Barnes (L)
L = Lay Committee Member            OM = Ordinary Committee Member

Finance and Risk

Responsible for:
  • Preparing annual budgets and making recommendations to Council on subscriptions and fees
  • Monitoring in-year spending and submitting for approval to Council the IPA's Annual Accounts
  • Monitoring financial risk relating to IPA activity
Committee Members
Paul Davis, Chair Colin Wiseman                 Kevin Hellard                      Samantha Keen
Amanda Wade, Vice Chair         Hanh Nguyen     Maureen Leslie          Sean Croston 
Carrie James Joel Goschalk Russel Payne  Simon Baggs

External Affairs and Member Services

Responsible for:
  • Contents for events, social events training for members and articles for the newsletter 
  • Regulations relating to students 
  • Training for students and other members
  • Arrangment of CPI suite of exams and liason with JIE
  • Parliamentary representation 

Dedicated working subgroups can be created from the committee as and when required to consider specific matters such as Annual Conference/PI Conference. 



Committee Members
Liz Bingham, Chair Barry Mochan Myles Jacobson Pauline Peel
Joseph Colley, Vice Chair Carrie-Ann James Natasha Brodie Samantha O'Hara
Antoinette Thorpe Kevin Hellard Nicola Fisher Simon Carvill-Biggs





Examinations sub-committee
Lloyd Hinton, Chair Deborah Pywowarczuk Karyn Jones  Rachel Lai
Nicholas Myers, Chief Examiner Hemal Mistry Lucy Law  
Anna Hughes Jenny Gately Nicola Williams